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Dynamic solutions for every space

Enable immersive engagement in rooms of all sizes

Up to 5 participants

Small Room

For impromptu huddles to small-group gatherings, these flexible solutions work to connect smaller hybrid spaces with ease.

Up to 9 participants

Medium Room

Foster effective collaboration in medium-size meeting spaces – the most common room size for our customers – with these adaptable solutions.

Up to 13 participants

Large Room

Bring more people together with multiple solutions for larger meeting spaces, each with their own unique benefits.

Powered by AI to enhance your experience

Face to Face

Feel face-to-face

Our AI-driven speaker detection focuses on who's speaking and switches to whichever camera has the best front-of-face view.

Hear every word

Hear every word

Our smart mics recognise voices that are quieter or further away so remote participants can follow the conversation.

See the best view

Get the best view

Our cameras wirelessly pair and automatically focus on the speaker to capture the action.

Build your own Owl Labs solution

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Your recommended bundle

In rooms where people are facing the screen and each other, the Meeting Owl 3 and Owl Bar team up to make sure everyone's faces are always visible, so remote participants don't miss a thing.

Products / Meeting Owl 3 / Full Front

Meeting Owl 3

Products | Owl Bar | Transparent | Angled

Owl Bar

€2,959 You save €389

Need help equipping multiple rooms in an office?

Our products are powering hybrid meetings for teams across the globe. Let one of our experts design a custom solution for your office.

A video conferencing camera that integrates with the conferencing platforms you’re already using:

+ Google Meet, Slack and more

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